The Moon and Beyond – meet NASA Astronaut Jessica Meir

Did you ever dream about being an astronaut when you grew up? To actually fly of in one of those gigantic rockets, see the earth from far above and perhaps even dream of setting foot on Mars. Well, that is exactly what Jessica Meir did.


Today she is an active NASA astronaut, training and waiting for her first launch. She wishes it will be to the Moon. That is her first stop. Then – she aims for Mars. She is special and she is a dual citizen. Being Swedish-American she is also poised to become the first Swedish female astronaut. When her dreams come true – we will applaud her from down below. Meet Jessica in this recent interview published among else by the American Club Sweden.

Jessica Meir was interview by Anders Bjers. The interview is produced by SOLSTRALE. © 2016 by Anders Bjers. All rights reserved.